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Pearson's Falls Rich Heritage

Pearson’s Falls and Glen is a botanical wonderland that lies hidden in the foothills of the great Blue Ridge Mountains.


It was named for the young engineer, Charles William Pearson, who scouted the mountains for what was to become the Southern Railroad. A military man, farmer, and an engineer, Pearson bought the Glen as part of a large tract of land that he wanted for his family. For years, he and his heirs allowed generations of young people to picnic on the great stone table-rock at the foot of the Falls. In 1931, the Tryon Garden Club was able to purchase the property through the generosity of an honorary member, visionary club members and careful planning. The property remains privately-held and maintained by the Club.


Botanists and bird-enthusiasts from all over the country have come to explore, discover and catalogue the wonders of this rich cove forest.  Used as an outdoor laboratory for botany and biology students from the surrounding colleges and universities, Pearson’s Falls and Glen is a site of frequent field trips for local science classes and elementary school children.


The Tryon Garden Club strives to continually improve the quality of the Pearson’s Falls and Glen experience.  We have the first public composting toilets in western North Carolina, featuring a green roof planted with native plants.  In 2021, upgraded our  parking area and added a new exit road to accommodate the steady flow of visitors.  As safety is of utmost concern, pathways and picnic areas are checked morning and evening for leaves and other debris.  We greatly appreciate The Polk County Community Foundation and the Kirby Fund for generously providing grant funds for Pearson’s Falls trail maintenance program. 


We are proud to be designated as a North Carolina National Heritage Site of the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area and a North Carolina Birding Trail Site.

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