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Preserve Pearson's Falls


As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the Tryon Garden Club has continued to follow its Club's mission by Preserving, Protecting and Treasuring Pearson's Falls and Glen.


Through the "PRESERVE PEARSON'S FALLS" levels of sponsorships, your tax-deductible contributions will assist the Club's mission of protecting this natural treasure for future generations.


Levels of Sponsorship 




$35 Individual (One Adult)

$65 Double (Two Adults)

(Includes annual pass / non-transferable)




$100 Individual (One Adult) ($65 tax-deductible)

$175 Double (Two Adults) ($110 tax-deductible)

(Includes annual pass / non-transferable)


Life: $1,000


Individual (One Adult)

(Includes a life-time annual pass)


Business: $50


Individual (One Adult)

(Includes annual pass / non-transferable, window decal)

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